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Refine A Better World 


REFINEWORLD GROUP, established in 2011, is mainly focusing on natural material use development, green energy promotion and using, medical and rescue service  and high-tech appliance in life. With our variety of business range including natural material made home wares, solar system factory, medical and rescue solution platform and RFID system solution to help tracing and management, we could deliver a more mature and multiple service to our customer to the world.  


Refine Home wares

Our earliest founded company in manufacturing and design for natural wood article for home wares, kitchen wares and home decor. We only use those qualified wood, and recycled wood, environment protection standard processing, including varnishing and painting. Rubber cooking utensils made with natural extracted rubber. All products with certificates.


Refine Packing 

Huayun Digital is one of the Refineworld group stock controlled company, mainly in RFID chips, wireless wafer assembling, tags and card with nfc function producing; RFID warehouse management and system controlling, brand protecting and tracing. We got one of the most advanced assembly machine which could provide with most competitive service.


Xiyuan Medical

Xiyuan is our medical platform founded in 2016, delivery the rescue and delivery for medical material to those area needed. With the impact of Covid-19, we made a great effort to the society.


Refine Power

Refine Power has been involved in solar power system for more than 10 years, starting from solar off-grid system, it now became a multiple complex business range, producing solar system off and in grid system, whole house solar power development, outdoor rescue products for emergency, solar power borehole in Zimbabwe, Zambia etc.


We are aiming to making our world more and more healthier, brighter and promising.


With you by our side, we could always refine a better world..